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Livgard & Lloyd is a full service law firm with particular experience in litigation, Social Security disability, estate planning, probate, real estate and business law. We represent individuals and businesses facing legal questions that are enormously important to our clients, their employees and their families. We treat every person as an individual and listen to your specific needs.

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1000 Social Security Cases Concluded

In the Spring of 2011, Paul Livgard concluded his 1000th Social Security disability case.  While we have been able to assist clients in their initial applications and requests for reconsideration, the vast majority of the matters have been concluded following a hearing before an administrative law judge where our clients are able to make their cases before a real person and to have Paul present their medical evidence and arguments as to why they should receive benefits.

It is no secret that Paul is one of the most experienced, most successful and highly regarded attorneys handling Social Security cases in Minnesota.  As a result, the firm’s Social Security practice is currently booming.  More and more people are coming to Livgard & Lloyd seeking representation in disability matters.  Many see our television ads and relate to the scenarios described.  Others are referred by their friends or family members who have been well represented by the firm in other cases.  Still others come to us who are unhappy with their current representation, often by out of towners who won’t answer questions or who seem to see the claimant as simply the next file that has to be dealt with but only when the time to get the case resolved arrives.

Paul enjoys the opportunity to help people who, because of their circumstances, really need the help.  He also enjoys the challenge presented by the cases, many of which have lengthy and complicated medical histories.  Paul and our staff of dedicated professionals continue to treat every client as an individual and with the utmost respect.  We understand that, no matter how many of these cases we pursue over the years, your case is the most important one to you.

If you are looking for legal representation to help you through the Social Security Disability process, contact the experts today.