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Light rail construction not adversely impacting access to our offices

The construction of the light rail’s Central Corridor line between Minneapolis and St. Paul through the University of Minnesota campus and down University Avenue is now underway.  It has been well publicized that traffic on University Avenue is a mess and access to businesses along the route is difficult if not impossible.

The good news for our law firm, however, is that where we are located on University Avenue is an oasis of calm.  The light rail route will pass close by, but will not be directly on University Avenue right outside of our office – instead it will be a block or so north of University Avenue when it passes our offices.  Consequently, there is no construction here – access to our building and our parking lot is unimpeded, all four lanes of University Avenue are open and you can even park on the street if you prefer that over our free parking lot.

If you need to come to our offices for whatever reason, please do not fear what you’ve heard or seen in the press about light rail construction on University Avenue.  In our neighborhood, it is business as usual.