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Rachael Abrahamson, then known as Rachael Severson, played varsity college basketball at Hamline University in St. Paul.  As a senior, she was one of the Pipers’ co-captains.

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Rachael J. Abrahamson

After graduating cum laude from Hamline University’s School of Law, Rachael Abrahamson served as a law clerk in Minnesota’s Tenth Judicial District with Judges Robert Varco and Lawrence Johnson. That experience gave her valuable insights into how cases are actually decided as well as what is and what is not effective in persuading a court in the resolution of disputes. Rachael now has the opportunity to employ that experience in the representation of clients in disputed matters in state and federal court.

Rachael understands that that there is more than one way to bring a dispute to a satisfactory resolution.  One of Rachael’s clients discovered his homeowners insurance had been cancelled when he made a claim with his insurer following a house fire. The client had never received any delinquency notices nor had he received the cancellation notice, all of which had been returned to the insurer by the postal service notwithstanding the fact that each piece of mail was properly addressed. Upon investigation, Rachael discovered that although the notices were properly addressed, the insurer had put the wrong bar code on the bottom of the envelope – the insurer sought to save money by putting its own bar codes on the envelopes – and so the mail was being misrouted. Upon presenting the insurer with an affidavit from a postal service manager, the insurer reinstated the client’s insurance and fully paid the claim. Had Rachael rushed to sue the insurer, the payment of the claim would have likely been needlessly delayed while the litigation ran its course.

In addition to handling litigated matters, Rachael works with the firm’s business clients in reviewing contracts, leases, and other important documents. She also handles Social Security disability matters and works on personal injury claims.

Rachael actively participates in the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training, raising money for research into treatments and cures for blood cancers through participation in endurance events. She also regularly volunteers at the American Cancer Society Hope Lodge, located next door to the firm’s offices near the University of Minnesota campus in Minneapolis.

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