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AnnaMae Hughley is a huge fan of most sports, particularly her oldest son’s White Bear Lake wrestling and baseball teams.  Her daughter is a cheerleader at Coon Rapids High School.  Because of her experience with her younger son, AnnaMae is also uniquely familiar with issues surrounding childhood PDD-NOS, a form of autism.

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AnnaMae Hughley

AnnaMae Hughley is an experienced legal assistant who has been with Livgard & Lloyd since February 2007. Prior to joining us, AnnaMae worked for a local intellectual property law firm that focused mainly on patent prosecution and litigation. Here, she focuses on our Social Security disability practice. We are particularly fortunate to have AnnaMae’s technological skills on our team, as she is responsible for creating and implementing the software database we currently rely on for the overall organization of our Social Security disability practice.

AnnaMae obtained her AAS Paralegal degree from Globe College and is the mother of two sons and a daughter.

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