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Deb Nelson earned her bachelor’s degree in philosophy while working full time at Livgard & Lloyd.  She is currently a member of St. Catherine University’s Alumnae Council, serving on the Council’s recruitment committee.

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Debra A. Nelson

Deb Nelson is a paralegal with over 20 years experience working in litigation. She spent 14 years in a litigation practice at a law firm with more than 100 lawyers before transferring her skills to our practice in 2003. The majority of her career has involved working in one capacity or another with issues facing the automobile glass industry. Deb has also worked on matters involving anti-trust, fiduciary duty and malpractice issues. In addition to client service, Deb serves as the law firm’s administrator.

One of the many talents that Deb brings to Livgard & Lloyd is a passion for helping those that are living under circumstances that are less than ideal. She has collaborated with the local chapter of the Ronald McDonald House to allow us to provide support to residents who are forced to be away from home during the holidays while dealing with the critical illness of a child. Deb participates in the firm’s pro bono representation of indigent clients, including work in Minnesota and Louisiana for a man who was wrongfully convicted in a double murder and sentenced to death in Louisiana. Among other things, Deb was part of the trial team that sought compensation for Albert Burrell in federal court 9 years after his release from death row. Deb is currently a member of The Advocates for Human Rights’ Death Penalty Project Steering Committee.

Originally from Benson, Minnesota, Deb is cum laude graduate of St. Catherine University in St. Paul.

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