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Social Security Disability Application Process

Friday, October 5th, 2012

Applying for Social Security disability benefits can be a long and challenging process, which is why it is not something we recommend trying without first contacting an experienced Social Security disability attorney.  Statistics have shown that over 65% of initial claims are turned down, and an additional 87% of reconsiderations are denied as well.  But this is no reason to give up.  With the help of our experienced Minnesota law firm, we will help you receive the benefits you deserve.

In order to better understand what the application entails, it’s important to know which benefits you may be eligible to receive.  These two types of benefits include:

1.) Social Security Disability Insurance (known as DIB or Title II)

2.) Supplemental Security Income (known as SSI or Title XVI)

Eligibility for Social Security Disability Insurance:  Generally, to be eligible for Social Security disability, a worker must be both fully insured and currently insured.  A worker is fully insured if he or she has worked at least 40 total quarters.  A worker is currently insured if he or she has worked at least 20 of the past 40 quarters.  Other requirements include:

  • Has worked a job covered by Social Security
  • Medical condition that meets the Social Security Definition of Disability.
  • All ages are eligible that meet the minimum work requirements
  • Expected disability duration of over 12 months

Eligibility for Supplemental Security Income:  When applying for Social Security Disability Insurance, we recommend applying for SSI benefits at the same time, as the Social Security Administration will review the applications and inform the you are eligible for either.  The requirements for SSI benefits, among others, include:

  • Low income requirements
  • Medical condition that meets the Social Security Definition of Disability (same as above).
  • All ages are eligible.
  • Expected disability duration of over 12 months

To begin the process of review, an applicant must initiate the process by applying online, in person or over the telephone.  To apply for SSDI, you’ll need to fill out Form SSA-16-BK “Application for Disability Insurance Benefits” and Form SSA-3368-BK, “Adult Disability Report”.  For SSI benefits, you’ll need to fill out Form SSA-8000-BK, Application for Supplemental Security Income, and either Form SSA-3368-BK, Adult Disability Report or Form SSA-3820-BK, Disability Report-Child.

To learn more about the process of filing for Social Security disability in Minnesota, contact the experienced lawyers of Livgard & Lloyd today.