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Livgard & Lloyd is a full service law firm with particular experience in litigation, Social Security disability, estate planning, probate, real estate and business law. We represent individuals and businesses facing legal questions that are enormously important to our clients, their employees and their families. We treat every person as an individual and listen to your specific needs.

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Social Security Disability

Auto Glass

Social Security Disability

Do I Need Legal Representation?

Paul Livgard is an experienced Social Security disability attorney who has over fifteen years of experience successfully representing claimants. Our staff of social security lawyers is experienced and well qualified to coordinate your file, obtain all necessary medical records and file those materials with Social Security. We will work to obtain specialized medical forms from your treating physicians which will assist us in proving your inability to work. Our social security disability attorneys and staff also act as a resource to answer your questions as your claim moves through the complicated Social Security disability process. We will prepare you for your hearing in front of the administrative law judge and appear with you to represent your interests and present your disability case to the judge. Our experience allows us to put you in the best position to get disability benefits. Your case will be handled individually and you will be treated with respect.

How Does Livgard & Lloyd Get Paid In A Social Security Case?

Livgard & Lloyd social security lawyers only receives payment if you receive past due benefits. Payment of our fees is determined by federal law and is capped at 25% of past due benefits with a maximum payment of $6,000. (If you are awarded past due benefits of $10,000, our fee would be $2,500. If you are awarded past due benefits of $40,000, our fee is limited by law to $6,000.)

Auto Glass

Aren’t Insurance Companies Our Customers?

No, auto insurers are no more your customers than health insurers are doctors’ patients.  Insurers pay the bills but they don’t suffer the consequences of a poor installation.  The insurer wants to pay as little as possible.  That desire can come into conflict both with what is fair and what is right.  You should never lose sight of the fact that the vehicle owner is your customer.  Our auto glass attorneys will stand behind you.

I’ve Heard A Lot About An Installation Standard.  Why Should I Care?

In a single word, the answer is liability.  If your customer is injured in an accident related to windshield failure, the central issue will likely be whether windshield was properly installed.  In lawyer-speak, what is “proper” is known as the standard of care.  Chances are, the industry-adopted Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard (or AGRSS) will be the standard by which your actions will be judged.  As a result, you need to know the standard, you need to follow it and you need to be able to demonstrate that you have compiled with it.

When Should I Hire An Auto Glass Attorney?

Believe it or not, in the auto glass industry there are many business details that require legal assistance.

  • Initial business structure issues – will you form a partnership, a corporation or an LLC?
  • Documentation – written warranties, safe drive-away time disclosures, assignments of proceeds
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Lease reviews
  • Liability issues

Many people seem to think they only need a lawyer once there is trouble.  The fact is, having a relationship with an attorney can help prevent trouble from starting or help keep trouble manageable should it arise.  An early expenditure can actually save money down the road.

Why Livgard & Lloyd?

Unparalleled Experience. We believe no attorneys anywhere in the United States have been continuously representing the interests of auto glass repair and replacement companies for as long as we have.

Understanding of the Industry. With extensive experience in the auto glass industry comes an extraordinary understanding of the industry; it is an education that you do not have to pay for.  To put it simply, we know the difference between NAGS and a hole in the ground.

A Track Record of Results. In the many years we have represented glass companies, we’ve won for clients millions of dollars in judgments, arbitration awards and in negotiated settlements.  We haven’t won every case in the past and we know that we won’t win every case in the future.  We believe, however, that our experience and understanding of the industry combined with our trial skills puts our clients in the best position to achieve the desired results, in any given situation, where legal representation is required.  Read our auto glass news.